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Complete Copper and Aluminum Continuous Extruding Equipment

TBJ350-Copper Continuous Extrusion Machine
    • TBJ350-Copper Continuous Extrusion Machine
Product Details

Main Technical Parameters TBJ350 Copper extrusion machine Aluminium extrusion machine
Extrusion wheel nominal diameter 350mm 350mm
Main motor power 180kW 180kW
Installed power 4-12.5m/rpm 16 m/rpm
Extrusion machine speed ead on oxygen free copper rod, pure aluminum, aluminum alloy
Types of materials F16/17mm 15mm
rod diameter 80-1000 mm2 10-600mm2
Product scope of section 100mm copper platoon, F45mm copper rod Flat wire, flat tube 60 mm,
Product maximum width Pipe diameter 30 mm
Average productivity 700kg/h 350 kg/h
Material overflow rate 2-3% 0
Application: copper flat wire, copper busbar, commutator, contact wires for electric locomotive, transformer, big and middle sized motor, high-low voltage switch electric appliance, DC electric commutator and so on

This production line is composed of pay-off⇒(brush foe aluminum rod)⇒ straightener⇒ main engine⇒ cooling system⇒ take-up machine and electrical controlling unit.

One TBJ350 continuous extrusion product line can be used both for copper and aluminum rod just changing extrusion wheel .

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