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Complete Copper and Aluminum Continuous Extruding Equipment

TBJ400-Copper or Aluminum Continuous Extrusion Machine
    •  TBJ400-Copper  or Aluminum Continuous Extrusion Machine
Product Details

Main Technical Parameters TBJ400 Copper extrusion machine Aluminium extrusion machine
Extrusion wheel nominal diameter 400mm 400mm
Main motor power 250kW 250kW
Installed power 300kw 300kw
Extrusion machine speed 4-12.5m/rpm 4-12.5m/rpm
Types of materials On oxygen free copper rod Pure aluminum, aluminum alloy
rod diameter F20mm Ø20mm
Product scope of section 200-1600mm2 200-1800 mm2
Product maximum width 170 mm copper platoon, copper rod F80mm 170mm
Average productivity 1200kg/h 500 kg/h
Material overflow rate 2-3% 1-3%

TBJ400-Copper Continuous Extrusion Machine(Extrusion Equipment) is generally applied in the production of transformer, copper flat wire, copper busbar, commutator, contact wires for electric locomotive, big and middle sized motor, high-low voltage switch electric appliance, DC electric commutator and so on.

This production line is composed of pay-off⇒(brush foe aluminum rod)⇒ straightener⇒ main engine⇒ cooling system⇒online cutting machine⇒ take-up machine and electrical controlling unit.

One TBJ400 continuous extrusion product line can be used both for copper and aluminum rod just changing extrusion wheel .

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