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Automatic Hydraulic Drawing Machine

Drawing& straightening machine
    • Drawing& straightening machine
Product Details

The hydraulic drawing and straightening machine is used as the supporting equipment for the continuous extrusion production line of copper and aluminum profiles. It is mainly used for drawing, straightening and cutting of profiles of copper straight row, disc row and bar, and improving the surface of the profile by drawing. Hardness, elasticity, tensile strength and dimensional tolerance, shape tolerance, surface quality, etc.

The design concept is derived from the aluminum alloy extrusion cold bed slip, cooling and tension straightening system. According to the technical characteristics of the traditional hydraulic drawing machine, the multi-stage transmission is optimized and designed to make drawing, straightening, fixed length sawing and finished code. The various systems are coordinated into one production line, which is the high-end equipment for drawing profiles with the complete process, high production efficiency and automation.

Process flow

Center Mobile Discharge → Center Positioning → Traction, Straightening → Center Guide → Molding → Hydraulic Pulling → Pulling Cut → Clamping Transfer → Automatic Transfer → Tension Straightening → Automatic Transfer → Fixed Length Cutting → Automatic Discharge → Finished product stock

Process characteristics

Through the multi-stage conveyor belt, the 100-ton tension straightening machine is integrated into the hydraulic drawing production line, which not only ensures a more precise straightness of each profile, but also multi-stage of hydraulic drawing and straightening machine when pulling medium and small materials. The conveying system enables the processes such as drawing, straightening and fixed length sawing to be completed independently of each other. The drawing of the main machine can eliminate the need for a hydraulic drawing machine to wait for the copper wire sawing on the conveying roller. In order to pull the next profile, the uninterrupted drawing action is completely realized, and the subsequent straightening and sawing process can be carried out in a convenient manner, so that the working efficiency of the whole machine is simpler than that of the simple hydraulic drawing machine. Significantly more than doubled, and effectively reduce labor intensity and energy consumption.

YLB50/S100-12 hydraulic drawing and straightening machine process parameter table:

Drawing force


Drawing speed


Return speed


Hydraulic station pressure


Drawing host power







Drawing width


Drawing thickness


Maximum length


Straightening tension


Straightening power







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