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Copper and Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine

LHD700-5A 5-Die Wire Drawing Machine
    • LHD700-5A 5-Die Wire Drawing Machine
Product Details
LHD700/5 a type five die wire drawing machine
The feeding device: passive steel coil
Active flattening machine: drive power 37 kw, the linear velocity of 85 m/min
Tension controller: when used for drawing unit linkage control flattening machine speed
Drawing host: driving power of 90 kw, into the stem diameter 14 mm, outlet specifications for 10-80 was, line speed of 140 m/min
Wire take-up machine: self-contained take-up machine, take-up PN710 - PN1000 plate specifications

1. LHD700-5A 5-Die Wire Drawing Machine specification:

Diameter of wire out drum wheel(mm): 700
Section area of wire out(mm²): 10-80
Wire out speed(m/min): 140
Wire rewinding reel specification: PN710-PN1000

2. LHD700-5A 5-Die Wire Drawing Machine advantages: The master drive adopts converter speed control and hard tooth face reducer. No impact occurs in startup and speed adjustable range is wide.Flatting machine and wire drawing machine adopt advanced interlock speed control device so the wire drawing machine becomes much easier on operation.Outlet drum wheel adopts wheel separating device, and effectively improves the surface quality of finished wires. Low power consumption, high efficiency.

3. LHD700-5A 5-Die Wire Drawing Machine parts: setting out installment, driving flatting mill, tensity controller, wiredrawing main engine, receiving a row of line, sharpening mold machine or the sharpen machine

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