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TBJ300-Copper Continuous Extrusion Machine
 Apr 17, 2013|View:580
Type: TBJ300
Nominal diameter of extrusion wheel(mm): 300
Power of main motor(kw): DC90
Rotating speed of extruder(rpm): 4-12.5
Type of material: no oxygen up-casting copper rod
Diameter of wire rod(mm): Ø12.5±0.20
Maximum width of the product(mm): 50
Sectional area of the product: 8-300mm²
Rate of production: 200- 450kg/h
Flash rate:1-3%
Application: copper flat wire, copper busbar, commutator, contact wires for electric locomotive, transformer, big and middle sized motor, high-low voltage switch electric appliance, DC electric commutator and so on

This production line is composed of pay-off stand for copper rods,straightener,continuous extruder,oxidation preventive cooling system,spooling machine and electrical controlling unit.Use pure copper rod without oxygen produced with pulling method as stock,different kinds of copper alloy rod can be used also.Copper rod cleaning system can not be used when the surface of the copper rod is clean.The stock wire is first given out from pay-off stand,then straightened and sent to the continuous extrusion host machine for extruding.Wire product form after extruding,then pass through oxidation preventive equipment and cooling system,the last step is wrap-up or length fixed cutting after measured by meter counter and other equipment.

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