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CE Certificate TBJ550 Copper Continue Extrusion Machine (TBJ550)
 May 24, 2013|View:3433

CE certificate TBJ550 Copper continue Extrusion Machine
1. The extruder can produce various copper flat wire and heterogeneous copper material.
2. It has adopted international advanced techology, arts and crafts and completely changed the traditional way of Wiredrawing handicraft.
3. It can improve the product mass and produce the complicated form product breed at the same time.
4. It has the advantages of simple operation, stable function, unnecessay anneal, and low energy consumption.
5. All of these have greatly reduced the intensity of labour handlingand improved the production environment.

Main Parameter
1 Model: TBJ550
2 Nominal diameter(mm): 550
3 Powerkw: 400kw
4. Extruder RPM: 3~8
5. Raw material type: Pure copper, copper alloy
6. Raw copper bar: 25mm
7. Max. Product width, diameter copper busbar 260, copper rod 120
8. Product width to thickness ratio: 15: 1
9. Production volume: 1500-2000kg/h
10. Spewing rate: 1~3

Equipment configuration:
1. 1800mm wheel-type wire supply frame: 1 piece
2. Straightening and cutting machine: 1 piece
3. Main machine: (with hydraulic station, lubrication system ) 1 set
4. Cooling system and water tank: 1 set
5. Taking-up machine

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