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YLB-50T Hydraulic Automatic Drawing Machine
 Jun 27, 2013|View:3026

Specification of YLB-50T Hydraulic Automatic Drawing Machine:

Type: YLB-50T
Nominal drawing force(t): 50
Effective drawing length (m): 6/8/10/12
Material size(mm): width≤170,thickness3~30
Drawing speed (m/min): 1~10
Return speed (m/min): 10~48
ID of the cylinder (mm): 220
Diameter of the piston rod (min): 125
Oil pressure from the hydraulic station (MPa): 21
Power supply: Three-phase four-wire system,380V/50HZ
Capacity (kW): 75/75/88/90
Weight of the equipment(t): 20/23/27/32

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