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SJ90-FH1300 LAMINATOR Plastic Extruding Compound
 Aug 29, 2013|View:3363

SJ90-FH1300 LAMINATOR Plastic Extruding Compound (plastic extrusion line)

Maximum production speed: 20m/min

Size of compound coil material: 200g/m2-1200g/m2

SJ90-FH1300 LAMINATOR Plastic Extruding Compound has found in wide application in waterproof of roofing and ground in industry and civil construction, damp proof of wall surface and ground indoor, water leakage in toilet, waterproof of water conservancy pool and reservoir, channel, bridge and culvert, imperious layer and waterproof of metallurgical and chemical equipment. Plastic extruding compound complex features rational design, convenient operation, high production efficience and high compound strength.

Compound Complex is applied for composition of single surface or double surface of materials and nonwoven fabrics with polypropylene(PP) or polyethylene(PE) taking as base material. With the three-roller operation principle and space three-dimension, the satisfied results can be obtained by means of adjusting T-type mould head and distance between compound devices. With twin reversal coiling device equipped with adjustable edging unit and constant power torque motor, the optimum results can be obtained by means of regulating the voltage of the torque motor.

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